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Skadate / Oxwall : Console Items / Console menu

Console Items or Console menu are the interactive controls of the Skadate X / Oxwall software. It helps users to get real time notification with notification read / unread counter. Console item have different type of behaviors it depends on the use of that particular console item.

Console Item Button

Console item buttons are usually a simple button but you can set different type of layout using css options. You can set different behaviors like some can set to open a popup window and some can open link. Simple examples of Console item buttons are sign in, and sing up/Join buttons.

console menu items

Console Dropdown Menu

Certain Console button can contain dropdown menus those are called Console Dropdown menus. It can shows via a down arrow button and you can also hinted selected dropdown via css class. Admin and User menus after login are the best example of Console Dropdown menus.

console dropdown

Console Counters Menu

Console button with counts called Console Counter menu, It can be used for messages, Pending approval for Events, Blog, Groups and Friend requests.

console conter menu

Console list Item Menu

Some console item can have lists inside and those list may contain text and text with images at both end. List items can mark as seen and unseen like in the notification list, Invitations list and messages.

console list item


Console items can be used in different ways, In Skadate X / Oxwall it mostly used as fixed top right header corner, It perform actions related to its behaviors.


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