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Customize Skadate X Oxwall Landing page / Home page

Why do we need to update Landing page / Home page?

A well-designed landing page or Home page can boost your site traffic and also reduce bounce rate. This page is what you used for email newsletters marketing, campaign, most of your site’s call to actions button and recent post.

Landing page refers to how good we think user’s experience will be when they get on our site first time. I regularly visit many socials and bloggers websites where I found that every successful websites updating their landing page regularly and that rise a question in my mind why they need to update their landing page so frequently? The simple answer lies in human nature. We always attract to the thing, which we find different or new, If we see same thing every time we will not spend time for it even if its in our need.

SkaDate X /Oxwall theme structure

Lets understand the Skadate X / Oxwall theme structure below is the screenshot for the free theme named simplicity which comes with oxwall by default throwout the example we will use this theme.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 12.33.16 PM

you can find all themes under folder ow_themes as shown in above screenshot.

SkaDate X / Oxwall Landing page Customization

To customize the landing page firstly you need to make sure that Guest user have the access of Main page in admin panel. You can check that from login to admin > Pages > Manage Pages > edit Main page.

Main menu edit

Tick the check box where it says visible for Guest as in the screenshot below.

Visible for Guest

This Main page has to be open for Guests as those are the user who will visit your website Landing page.

Open theme.xml file from your theme root in our example its ow_themes > simplicity > theme.xml

And add below xml code under <theme> tag



Here <base_index_page>index</base_index_page> will invoke ow_themes/simplicity/master_pages/index.html as a base index page means landing page. But if you notice we don’t have index.html page in our themes root master_pages folder, lets create one file index.html which will contain all our landing page html.

index.html file for landing page html

Our Landing page html will run under this index file. Customize this html file as your Landing page / Home page.

Flushing cache in SkaDate X / Oxwall

After any theme change you need to flush cache to apply that changes in your site. Skadate X / Oxwall still not provide an easy or handy way to flush cache. You need to open 'ow_includes/config.php' find

define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);

Change To

define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);

Now refresh any page of your website in browser. Flushing cache in Skadate X / Oxwall may take more time it depends on speed or performance of your server. After one page refresh make sure you revert the changes back that you made in config.php file.


You are free to use any html, css, javascript and oxwall / Skadate X component here to customize your landing page. But after any changes remember to flush the cache. Let me know in comment If you find any difficulties in customizing oxwall landing page, will happy to help.

Hardik Joshi

Hardik Joshi is Founder, Developer and Writer at, He loves to write usable code for the Web and other digital sources.