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SkaDate / Oxwall : How to create simple widget in Skadate X / Oxwall ?

What is widget in Skadate / Oxwall ?

Widgets are an essential part of the web software. You can call widgets as an extension block of that software or the theme. In Skadate / Oxwall widgets are components that can be attached to the widget panels. Lets dig little deep into Skadate / Oxwall widgets.

Skadate / Oxwall available Widget Panels

There are three panels in Skadate / Oxwall which currently used for widgets to attached with.

  1. Index page
  2. Dashboard
  3. Profile page

Here in our example we will create a Custom status widget, which will be used in Dashboard panel. You can use one widgets to all panel there are no limits.

Skadate / Oxwall : Console Items / Console menu

Console Items or Console menu are the interactive controls of the Skadate X / Oxwall software. It helps users to get real time notification with notification read / unread counter. Console item have different type of behaviors it depends on the use of that particular console item.

Console Item Button

Console item buttons are usually a simple button but you can set different type of layout using css options. You can set different behaviors like some can set to open a popup window and some can open link. Simple examples of Console item buttons are sign in, and sing up/Join buttons.

Customize Skadate X Oxwall Landing page / Home page

Why do we need to update Landing page / Home page?

A well-designed landing page or Home page can boost your site traffic and also reduce bounce rate. This page is what you used for email newsletters marketing, campaign, most of your site’s call to actions button and recent post.

Landing page refers to how good we think user’s experience will be when they get on our site first time. I regularly visit many socials and bloggers websites where I found that every successful websites updating their landing page regularly and that rise a question in my mind why they need to update their landing page so frequently? The simple answer lies in human nature. We always attract to the thing, which we find different or new, If we see same thing every time we will not spend time for it even if its in our need.