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Understanding Git Branches

This tutorial is an introduction to Git Branches, it is dedicated to Kenth Hagström who submitted a request throw our Request a Tutorial page for GIT branching and team development. For readers, we assume you have already read and understand our first tutorial for Introduction to Git commands and Version control system. This is the second tutorial of the Git commands series.

Introduction to Git Branch

Git branch is a general branch management tool from Git, it lets you create, list, rename and delete branches. There is no storage and memory overhead issue when you making many branches so it is easier to logically divide up your work than have big bulky branches. Now let’s dig into the Git Branches commands.

Introduction to Git commands and Version control system

Introduction to Git and Version control system.

Before introducing Git let me explain you what is version control system, Version Control System also know as VCS is simply a tool that allows you to manage changes to documents or source code and it’s often used by developers. While you working with any document or code file and in case you need to revert your old changes back to work directory and/or you accidently remove your local directory and you need the whole directory back VCS helps you in this typical situation. VCS is not just a tool which keeping track or backing up your data its can also shows which user update data at which time and at which line. And with the beauty of Version control system you can revert any changes.