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Customize Skadate X Oxwall Landing page / Home page

Why do we need to update Landing page / Home page?

A well-designed landing page or Home page can boost your site traffic and also reduce bounce rate. This page is what you used for email newsletters marketing, campaign, most of your site’s call to actions button and recent post.

Landing page refers to how good we think user’s experience will be when they get on our site first time. I regularly visit many socials and bloggers websites where I found that every successful websites updating their landing page regularly and that rise a question in my mind why they need to update their landing page so frequently? The simple answer lies in human nature. We always attract to the thing, which we find different or new, If we see same thing every time we will not spend time for it even if its in our need.

Resize Image Dynamically in PHP with TimThumb

PHP TimThumb

TimThumb is simple, flexible yet powerful php script that resizes images dynamically. Every website or blog uses thumbnail images, it’s a very useful part of the website.If you don’t see any images or thumbnail you quickly skip the website or article. You wont read it in deep but if you find few thumbnails between or in start of the News or article you would like to read and stay more on the page or article. It’s human nature visual images attracts mind rather than just bunch of words, isn’t it?

Datalist HTML5 Autocomplete Drop down

The datalist element is new addition into HTML5 tag it written as <datalist>, This element can change a simple dropdown box to an HTML auto complete dropdown yes it means you don’t need to learn or add any jQuery/Javascript to let this auto complete dropdown work. This is the beauty of HTML5.

HTML5 Datalist element

The datalist element is introduce as HTML5 tag, It seems like a simple <select> element as its dose have <option> and its value as an attribute of it but still it works differently let me show the exact syntax of it.

Introduction to Git commands and Version control system

Introduction to Git and Version control system.

Before introducing Git let me explain you what is version control system, Version Control System also know as VCS is simply a tool that allows you to manage changes to documents or source code and it’s often used by developers. While you working with any document or code file and in case you need to revert your old changes back to work directory and/or you accidently remove your local directory and you need the whole directory back VCS helps you in this typical situation. VCS is not just a tool which keeping track or backing up your data its can also shows which user update data at which time and at which line. And with the beauty of Version control system you can revert any changes.

Introduction to Hooks: a basic WordPress building block

WordPress hooks are arguably the basis of WordPress development, forming a large part of the core functionality and used by almost every plugin and theme available to date. The concept of hooks can also be somewhat daunting for users who are starting out with developing for WordPress. Today, we’ll jump in and find out a bit more about just what exactly WordPress hooks are and how they can help you on your way to WordPress rock stardom.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

Introduction to Widgets

To Create a Custom WordPress Widgets you need to understand What WordPress Widgets are. Let's find out. WordPress widgets were originally created to design the WordPress theme so users can easily maintain it from back end. The most important part of widgets is its drag & drop functionality. It makes super easy to users to simply drag & drop elements into their site. There many WordPress themes and plugins which uses WordPress widgets to allow users to create their desired layout in such a easy way. WordPress also provides some plugins to add and improve widgets functionality.